Barney Lodge Day Nursery

Bumblebee & Caterpillar Rooms

Bumblebee & Caterpillar Rooms
Ladybird & Butterfly Rooms
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BUMBLEBEE ROOM - Babies from Birth - 2 years.
CATERPILLAR ROOM -Toddlers from 2 years.

The Bumblebee and Caterpillar Room staff follow a basic daily routine, however this is very flexible to ensure that each child's individual needs are catered for.  Each child has a key person who will build a strong bond with your child.  They will keep a record of your child's daily routine, plan activities, carry out observations and produce a learning journey throughout their nursery experience. 
Parents/carers are encouraged to work with the staff and share experiences of their child through eyLog.  Diaries of your child's day are also completed on the eyLog.